Tuesday, November 4, 2014

a table for one or two?

u know just now when i was driving back home from lunch, listening to owl city's ocean eyes, i suddenly thought of something. this owl city guy, adam young, such a sweet guy, good looking, smart and talented, but still single. dont get me wrong, but a guy his age, doesnt he has a girlfriend? had, perhaps? 

and then i thought, what do single people do? when u get into a relationship, u will share everything with ur partner, not entirely everything lah but u get the idea. time, space. these two mainly. when u go solo, u have all the time in the world for urself. u manage ur time according to ur convenience. but when u are in a relationship, like it or not u got to squeeze ur schedule to fit in extra time to spend with ur partner. meet ups, short meet ups, late night calls and texting. if these things dont work out the way u guys want it to be, bye lah kan.

but to see in my relationship point of view, we're not that fortunate to get such closure everyday. he's hella busy with his studies and i understand him very well bcs i've been in that road before. so we only text twice or thrice a week, depends on his availability. and sometimes i call him out of the blue bcs rindu kan haha. at first it was damn hard lah but i managed to control my feelings and everything went ok up till now. just when he's free we'll use that time very wiseley lah kan ;-)

back to the topic, what do single people do? kalau girls i understand lah they meroyan here and there on groupchats and twitter other than having crushes everywhere and could give a shit about anything. but guys? like adam young? baby u selalu buat apa selain tweet merepek dalam indon? being the stereotypical bitch i am, main viedo games and watch porn lah kot ok bye.


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