Friday, October 18, 2013

a lil update

so hi, its almost a month i'm back here. nothing dazzling happened so far. probably the most boring semester yet. my pbl mates are cool though i know most of them and we actually kinda have that chemistry whatever stuff. but my first pbl close case was horrible i mean what the fuck did i learn the whole week??? stupid sangat ka aku ni nak explain the main point for our case pon dokleh? god knows lah how pathetic i felt that time. thank god dem guys understood my situation. we were so busy kot!!! i was busy lazying around moaning about my stupid pathetic life i mean geez who wouldnt understand a sad problematic immature girl like me???

like really????

my dad was being very awesome. with all that was happening about kpm results. i didnt get to any ipts though what even ipta???? hang bodoh hang bakpe nak expect benda best??? anyways abah kata "takpe nak abah tak kisah pon abah dapat degree masa abah ada 3 orang anak!!!" something like that lah so if he's cool with anything i choose THEN WHY THE FUCK CANT I DECIDE NOW. seriously i dont really know what to do. if i stay here and proceed with my 5 years left for mbbs, i need to repeat my C spm papers which u dont have to know bcs i'm stupid yes to get my noc. a certificate which i am certified to study medicine oversea (as in actually to study medicine itself). so abah applied some diploma courses for me in case i change my mind. ABAH SARANGHAEYO!!!! he even suggested some medschool in indonesia. why do i deserve such awesomeness??? no fathin u dont bcs ure stupid shut up.

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