Thursday, June 13, 2013

results, disappointments and hope

its been 4 days after the results were out and i still can't believe....sigh. from the deep of my heart i know there must be something wrong somewhere along the way and i should really be grateful i don't have to repeat. redha, the most powerful word and action when it comes to situations like this. alhamdulillah i was able to get a grip and not falter to giving up. it took 2 days for me to contain as much strength that i could to face my dad and tell my results. yes it must be disappointing for him. but surprisingly, he gave the most wisest words an almost-giving-up person like me finally found hope again.

although it breaks me when a friend of mine got good results and his dad kissed her on the forehead saying his so proud of her daughter, i just know this could be my key to inspiration to double or triple up my efforts.i failed to make my dad proud for this sem and i promise my life to make it up for my upcoming years, insyaAllah. one kiss on the forehead, i'll be the happiest girl alive.

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