Saturday, April 12, 2014

thanks little birdie

well apparently some people still can't move on from the past. haha things that were so way back then AND U STILL HAVEN'T MOVED ON. such a pity a pretty face can't have a pretty heart. well most have, it's just u. masalah. tahu, masalah? cerita lama kau ungkit balik. aku pon dah tak ingat langsung till this little birdie came and told me what u said about me. ME. masalah sangat ke aku kat kau. 

"aku punya result spm lagi baik dari cise."

"aku lagi layak study overseas dari dia."

"asal dia balik malaysia? problem lah tu."

one thing girl, ini semua rezeki Allah. alhamdulillah i got the chance to fly to Egypt and study medicine there despite my results. it was a brief yet so exciting and memorable experience and it was a chance of a lifetime for me. but not everything we want we could put grip on it. we have to make sacrifices. aku korbankan cita-cita aku atas sebab lain. skeptical people like u who likes to assume shit is why people are afraid to move forward to start a new life. aku dah redha dengan jalan hidup aku tapi kenapa kau, above all people, ada masalah dengan hidup aku?

cerita dia macam ni, if your spm results were as greater than mine like u said, why didn't u took the chances u could probably have with that kind of results u achieved? sebab tu pilahan kau kan? u chose that path and no one can question your choice. same goes to other people. we have our own choices and some may not have the privilege to decide for their own. kau dah boleh belajar nak respect orang kot. umur dah 20 kan. dah bukan budak-budak lagi. kesian tau, orang yg lagi 'pandai' tak boleh nak fikir matang. dah lah tu, ngumpat pasal aku kat kawan aku. memang cerita dia aku  tau lah kan? malu tak?

p/s: for those who are still wondering why i came back, there were financial and safety issues which made my parents worry sick. and i'm currently studying in segi subang jaya taking foundation in science leading to psychology. thanks for not assuming :-)


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